3 Benefits of Social Media for Small Business

Here are 3 Benefits of having a Social Media account for your Small Business:

  1. Brand Building
    • Daily interaction with the public (your customers) builds interest in your business
    • Depending on how you interact-it can “humanize” your brand
    • Provides a way to show how your business values the community you live & work in
  2. Communication
    • Easy access to your contact information and business hours
    • Post holiday hours or office closings
    • Adds another way for potential or current customers to ask questions or requests
  3. Advertising
    • Social Media platforms have easy to build ad programs
    • Target the audience you want via ads
    • Better value and you can see the analytics of your ads

The more time and energy you spend on your Social Media account, the more you may get out of it.  It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, since negative reviews or complaints can happen.  Being proactive instead of reactive is typically the best strategy.  Social Media isn’t for everyone, but if you are using it – make sure you are utilizing these benefits!