Phone Pop Up

Never click “OK” on anything that you never asked for or signed up.
Below is a very good example of something that seems legit, but isn’t and will cause you many headaches if you say “OK.”

GiftCard Spam

I took this screen shot of a pop up that showed up on my phone while I was browsing on Chrome.
I wasn’t on a Wal-Mart site, I was checking out some house plant info on a person’s blog.
This pop up locked my screen and I couldn’t do anything except power down my phone.  Luckily that did fix it,
but that may not always be the easy way out.

The creator of this fraud hopes that the user thinks it’s legit since it knows your internet provider.  Be wary towards
any solicitation that you did not ask for.  Nothing in this world is free.   Additional information about this scam
can be found on Snopes.